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CLIR forges strategies to enhance research, teaching, and learning environments in collaboration with libraries, cultural institutions, and communities of higher learning. We foster collaboration by investing in cross-disciplinary intellectual leadership, strategic programs, and professional development opportunities.


CLIR publishes newsletters, reports, and other occasional items.

Join CLIR to help us create a culture of accessible information.

We believe the future depends on the preservation, organization, and accessibility of knowledge. Through collaboration with cultural institutions across the globe, we foster cross-disciplinary thought leadership, tactical programs, and professional development opportunities.

For the Future

CLIR aspires to transform the information landscape to support the advancement of knowledge.

Outside the Box

CLIR promotes forward-looking collaborative solutions that transcend disciplinary, institutional, professional, and geographic boundaries in support of the public good.


Institutions that see our agenda as integral to their own are invited to join CLIR.
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