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Digital Scholarship & Content Area Specialist

Position Summary:

Reporting to the manager of the Digital Scholarship Center, the Digital Scholarship and Content Area Specialist works in close collaboration with the team supporting operations and services for the libraries’ recently established Digital Scholarship Center, applying both technical and content area expertise to define projects and shape the programs that will establish the Center’s role in the academic and research environment at Temple University. The position requires advanced academic expertise in the Humanities or Social Sciences along with experience in applying digital technologies to research questions in a disciplinary or inter-disciplinary context. The desired technical expertise is not restricted to a particular domain or type of technology, but a demonstrated ability to identify, learn, and apply new methods based on prior experience is essential. Application areas the Fellow may work in include (but are not limited to) textual analysis, geocoding and GIS applications embracing a variety of data and digital object types, data visualization, data analysis, and data mining, linked data and metadata scheme development, digitization, media authoring and production, and project scoping and project management, depending on background and local needs. Experience with implementing and using open source software in research settings is desired.

Job Functions:

  • Explore areas of need for Digital Scholarship support at Temple University and form partnerships in pursuit of specific projects with a variety of constituents such as liaison librarians, faculty from the Center for the Humanities at Temple (and other similar entities), and graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Test various models of engagement with targeted audiences (one-on-one consultation, workshops, hack-a-thons & make-a-thons, formal and informal work and study groups), assess their effectiveness and scalability.
  • Provide advice on specific technical areas, such as data analysis and visualization, GIS, textual analysis, digitization and imaging, metadata creation, digital content delivery, and 3D modeling and printing and other “making” technologies.
  • Lead faculty and staff across divisions in discussions to propose a coherent sustainable set of data visualization services and a software suite and staff competencies to support these & develop and implement initial prototype or pilot services at small scale.
  • Provide consultation on project design and project management, data management, and fund seeking and grant writing for constituents of the Digital Scholarship Center.
  • Model and illuminate an evolutionary, hybrid role for scholars, librarians, and technologists by conducting workshops and training on digital scholarship.
  • Explore opportunities between the libraries’ nascent Scholarly Communication Program and the University Press to develop products and outputs that help shape new and sustainable modes of academic publishing.
  • Actively explore relevant research methodologies and technologies and keep current with the rapidly evolving realm of digital scholarship.
  • Collaborate with partners at Temple University and beyond to organize lectures, presentations, seminars, and other less formal events on topics related to digital scholarship.
  • Extend and enhance personal research in a specific field using digital scholarship techniques and promulgate that work appropriately in the Temple context.

Position Requirements:

  • PhD in the Humanities or Social Sciences.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply digital technologies to a research project as evidenced in published scholarship or dissertation-related work.
  • Some experience with data analysis or data management.
  • Some prior history of inter-disciplinary collaboration with researchers from outside the applicant’s primary academic field.
  • Some prior experience with project management.
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