General Information

The CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers recent Ph.D. graduates the chance to help develop research tools, resources, and services while exploring new career opportunities. CLIR Postdoctoral Fellows work on projects that forge and strengthen connections among library collections, educational technologies, and current research. Host institutions benefit from fellows’ field-specific expertise by gaining insights into their collections’ potential uses and users, scholarly information behaviors, and current teaching and learning practices within particular disciplines.

In 2012, responding to a growing recognition within the professional community that research data management posed particular challenges to libraries and other departments serving today’s researchers, CLIR expanded this program’s focus. Through new fellowships partially funded through grants, CLIR seeks to help its host institutions establish staffing models, policies, resources, and services related to research data curation through matching those institutions with recent Ph.D.s with expertise relevant to their needs. Working together with CLIR’s Postdoctoral Fellows in Academic Libraries, Data Curation Fellows share information and experiences with one another, gaining a broad understanding of the importance of data and information management to the emerging research environment while becoming a cohort of highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable specialists.

CLIR offers a variety of postdoctoral fellowships. Each has slightly different requirements, relating to eligible fields of study, funding, and terms of appointment.

Click frame below for an animated overview of the data curation program through 2015.


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