CLIR/DLF Postdoctoral Fellows are required to submit semi-annual reports to CLIR. Please use the online form below to log in and submit your report.

Each two-year fellowship requires a total of four reports:

  • 1st Interim Report (due December 31)
  • 2nd Interim Report (due June 30)
  • 3rd Interim Report (due December 31)
  • Exit Report (due June 30 or last day of fellowship, if later)

If this is your first report to be submitted through this system (implemented in December 2014), please note that you will need to register first. This system is separate from the CLIR Connect community and also from the system you used for your original application to CLIR, so those log-ins will not work, although you are free to use the same password here if you choose to do so.

When you first register with the WizeHive system, the only option available will be for the 1st Interim Report. Forms for additional reports will appear on the menu screen once your previous report has been reviewed and accepted as final by CLIR staff. If you are returning to submit a follow-up report and do not see an option for additional reports in the menu, please contact us at

You can return to the system and print out a copy of a previously submitted report at any time.

*Please note: following submission of your initial report through this system, it may later appear in the menu under the heading “Print” or “Print Application.”

Grant Management System provided by WizeHive

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