NAL Multimedia Project-Digital Collections Inventory–Appendix II


Description: Patrons can search the bibliographic records in NAL’s OPAC and retrieve full text, images and sound related to those records using VTLS InfoStation software. Researchers can also use hypermedia links to annotate the records with explanations or to create new links to other images or related documents. The scanned database consists of materials from three core collections: aquaculture, food and nutrition, and agricultural trade and marketing. Part of the collection comes from NAL’s CDROM production, while the remainder was scanned from NAL’s print collection. NAL has also added digital audio recordings which are linked to images by hypermedia links to provide voice explanations to selected images that are not self-explanatory.

The database will eventually contain 10,000 pages of full text, gray and color images, and audio enhancements linked to selected images.

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