Studies in Scarlet-Digital Collections Inventory

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Commission on Preservation and Access

Digital Collections Inventory Report

Preliminary Results

By Patricia A. McClung
February 1996

Studies in Scarlet: Research Libraries Group

Seven RLG member institutions are participating in a two-year collaborative project that proposes to develop an on line core collection of diverse legal materials, relating to the unifying theme of “Marriage and Sexuality in the United States and United Kingdom, 1815-1914.” If funding requests are successful, the project will be launched in the Spring of 1996 with the following participants: Harvard University Law Library, University of Leeds, New York Public Library, North Carolina State Archives, New York University Law Library, University of Pennsylvania Law Library, and the Princeton University Libraries. The project will build on the recommendations of the joint RLG/CPA Digital Archiving Task Force (described under the Infrastructure Projects heading) by beginning to develop best practices for establishing and maintaining a digital archive.

Contact: Ricky Erway,; 415/691-2228