U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Tech Reports-Digital Collections Inventory

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Commission on Preservation and Access

Digital Collections Inventory Report

Preliminary Results

By Patricia A. McClung
February 1996

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Technical Reports: Ruth H. Hooker Library

Since 1989, the Naval Research Lab has been digitizing a collection of about 250,000 technical reports, dating from the early 1940s to the present. In many cases they represent the first documentation of seminal research into many of today’s commonplace technologies (e.g. radar, microwaves, etc.). The majority have restrictions on access. Approximately 50% of the collection (over 6.5 million pages) has been converted. Subjects include: acoustics, electronics, atmospheric and oceanic sciences, space, radar, sonar, material science, etc.

Contact: Murray Bradley, Naval Research Lab,murrayb@library.nrl.navy.mil